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Bugatti Super Sport by Parmigiani

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For the new Bugatti Super Sport, owners have the option to purchase a nice little reminder that not only is your hedge fund making a little too much green, but that you drive the fastest street-legal car in the world.


The recently unveiled supercar, which recently broke the record at a very brisk 267 mph, did it while Bugatti's test driver Pierre-Henri Raphanel wore Parmigiani's latest creation, establishing what the brand very proudly calls "The Fastest Watch in the World."

Priced at $259,000, the watch will see a very limited production run of 200 pieces, all of which use Parmigiani's new 372 movement that coexists with the over 300 total components that make up the watch. The dynamic shape flows into the Hermes leather watch strap to complete the look of the Super Sports. So about that economic downturn... Link

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