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Briefing creates an aluminum version of their Heavy Duty suitcase for Beams Plus

This makes a Rimowa look like a toy.
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Beams x Briefing Aluminum Suitcase

Beams has enlisted the help of Briefing to create a new version of their Heavy Duty suitcase in aluminum and the end result is a tank-lank shell that is ready for the rigors of frequent travel. The aluminum shell is combined with a frame of polypropylene to further enhance durability and it includes a partition panel with an integrated hanger for storing all your essentials when you're at your destination. The luggage comes in both a 35L carry-on that weighs 8.5 lbs and a 98L check-in size that weighs 13 lbs. 

¥79,200-¥105,600 (approx. $741-$989),

Japanese exclusives can be purchased from proxies such as White Rabbit Express or Treasure Japan.

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