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Bremont celebrates two of Britain's finest vehicles with new watches for Jaguar and Norton

An homage to two legendary marques.
Bremont Jaguar and Norton

Bremont continues its collaboration with Jaguar and Bremont with two new watches that celebrate the E-Type and the SG6 race bike. The E-Type watch is a new version of the MKII style that brings the styling of the car's instruments to your wrist. The 43mm watch gets updated with a white metal dial, complete with a silver tachymeter dial ring and polished nickel hands. 

The chronograph movement is their calibre 13 1/4" BE-50AE automatic, which features a miniature E-Type steering wheel rotor and a 42-hour power reserve. The polished stainless steel case is features the brand's signature Trip-Tick construction and is paired with a blue calf leather strap with contrast red stitching.

The new Norton V4/RR has a 43mm case, the same movement as the MKII, but instead of a steering wheel, the movement has a rotor decorated with a Norton VR Rim. The strap is crafted from black calf leather with red stitching.

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The British watchmaker presents a new watch and an ongoing partnership with Jaguar.