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Bremont Codebreaker

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Bremont releases its first flyback, a watch inspired by Bletchley Park, Britain's main decryption center which famously broke the codes created by the German Enigma and Lorenz machines back in World War 2. The watch is a Flyback Chronograph GMT, but the most interesting thing about the watch is its connection to Bletchley Park. The watch's rotor design is inspired by the drum shape of the Bombe Machine, a device created by computer pioneer Alan Turing that helped decrypt messages from the Enigma machine, but even more impressive is are the elements sourced from Bletchley. The watch features details such as punch card numbers that have been placed on the watch as serial numbers and the wood inside the crown is taken from Bletchley's Hut 6 building, where the Enigma's codes were processed and decrypted. The Codebreaker will be limited to 240 examples in steel ($18,500) and 50 examples in 18kt Rose Gold ($33,995). Bremont

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