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Bremont Boeing Model 1 and Model 247 Titanium GMT

Two flight-worthy styles worthy of the Boeing name.
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Photo: Bremont

Photo: Bremont

Bremont and Boeing expand their line of watches with two new styles crafted from titanium. Oh, and we're talking about Boeing here so this isn't just any off the shelf titanium. They've used Boeing aviation-grade Ti 6-4, a special titanium stronger than the commercial grade stuff and is the same material used in airframes and engine components. 

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The watch will come in two styles: one with a chronograph and one without. The watches both feature a GMT hand to tell time in a second time zone and both feature automatic movements with a 42 hour power reserve. They also have DLC-treated case barrels, Bremont's signature Trip-Tick construction, and both watches are sized at 43mm.

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