Bolt Threads is launching a leather bag this summer that's made out of mushrooms

The bag is made from Mylo, a material made from the root structure of mushrooms.
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Bolt Threads Mylo Mushroom Leather

Bolt Threads made headlines not too long ago with its bioengineered silk technology and now the company is taking aim at the leather market with a material they're calling, Mylo. Mylo is a synthetic leather made from Mycellium cells, which are found in the root structure of mushrooms. These cells are then grown in beds of corn stalks and once a large network of cells are grown, Bolt compresses the material into a flat structure, tans it, and then dyes it to create Mylo. As for where you'll be able to find Mylo, the company will launch a Mylo bag of its own this summer and we can only imagine a number of brands will follow soon after.

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