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Smart Buys | Beckett Simonon's Suede Bomber

A classic in waterproof suede.
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Photo: Beckett Simonon

Photo: Beckett Simonon

If you haven't noticed already, the whole direct to consumer thing has been a big win for customers all over the world. The model has allowed we, as consumers, to purchase premium goods without being taken to the cleaners with huge, unnecessary markups. One company that has been finding success in that arena is Beckett Simonon, who is expanding from their line of reasonably priced fine footwear to apparel. 

Today, they've announced the pre-sale for a beautiful bomber jacket. The jacket is crafted from a luxurious calf suede that is also pre-treated with a water-repellent nano coating that will protect your jacket from rain and stain-causing liquids. 


They've also paid very close attention to the details. The jacket features a cotton-linen lining, YKK zippers sourced from Japan, ribbed wool detailing, and high armholes for a much more flattering look and feel. 

Another impressive detail is that each jacket is handmade in Colombia, yup, Colombia. The country is home to family owned and operated factories who have had years and years of extensive leathermaking experience and the materials are also locally sourced. Did we mention they're making these jackets available for pre-sale for just $275? If that's not a smart buy, we don't know what is. 

$275, avialable for pre-sale at

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