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Beckett Simonon goes premium with their latest line of fine footwear

Beckett Simonon introduces a brand new collection of premium, but affordable shoes.
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Photo: Beckett Simonon

Photo: Beckett Simonon

The direct-to-consumer business model has exploded over the past few years and as consumers we're reaping the benefits as companies are offering products of such a high quality for unbelievable prices. Beckett Simonon is one of those very companies who have been making a lot of noise taking on luxury categories that see nothing but huge markups once those pieces hit retail.

This fall, the company is taking it up a notch with a line of footwear that is not only well made, but competes with styles 3x their price and look as good and feel as good as its rivals in that category. 

Their shoes are built on the tried and tested Blake and Goodyear constructions and are hand built by artisans in just about every dress shoe style you can imagine. From double monks to loafers to chukkas, you'll have a shoe that is re-soleable with vegetable-tanned and chrome-free leathers, and a comfortable fit and finish right out of the box without any break-in.

Pledges are currently available for $149 and the Kickstarter has been fully funded as we speak. 


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