Astronauts and Indians Denim - Acquire
The LA-based label introduces two new styles of Japanese selvage jeans.
Photos: Astronauts and Indians

Photos: Astronauts and Indians

Why these and not the other guys? Well, for one, we'd bet big money that you'll be one of the only kids on the block to have a pair of these in the closet and while we love the big brands (and the established indies) as much as the next guy, you've got to support the big up and comers. One of those brands is Astronauts and Indians.

The LA-based label has been impressing us with their well-designed button-ups and most recently they also released a gorgeous collection of hand-crafted ceramics. Today, they've got a new pair of jeans constructed from 13oz Japanese Selvage and a whole array of special little details to boot. $285 -

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