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Apple Watch

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Steel with Link Bracelet ($949-$1099)

Steel with Link Bracelet ($949-$1099)

What has got to be the most anticipated Apple product since the original iPhone, Apple has officially unveiled the Apple Watch, its very first wearable and a whole new product category for the Cupertino-based giant.

The watch is what you would expect an Apple Watch to be, a premium timepiece with an Apple twist. Available in two sizes, the watch is a comprehensive fitness tracker with photosensors and LEDs that reads your heart rate. They've designed a new UI that can be controlled via their digital crown and the sapphire covered touchscreen. Apple Watch will also support third party apps and if you want one soon, you're going to have to wait, the watch is set to launch in 2015.

Update: Today, Apple has announced pricing of the entire range starting from the $349 Sport model and all the way to the Gold Edition which will top out at $17,000. Battery life has also been announced and the watches will stay powered for up to 18 hours a day.


Sport Edition: $349- $399 (with rubber)

Watch (steel): $549-$599 (with rubber), $1,049-$1,099 (with steel link bracelet)

Watch Edition (gold): $10,000+

See the complete list of prices at 

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