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How the 'Stock Market for Things' helps you invest in the right sneakers (and watches)

A StockX primer.
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We've all been there before. You either missed the release, couldn't beat the bots on the app, or you simply just didn't want to wait in line. Sure, you could go on eBay and sift through all the auctions to hopefully find a good deal, but that can be time-consuming and you'll most likely set fire to your wallet with something you're taking a pretty big risk on when it comes to authenticity and the overall quality of your purchase. 

This is where StockX comes into play. The company has billed itself to be the 'Stock Market of Things' where buyers can bid on hard-to-find sneakers, high-end watches, bags, and streetwear pieces. Successful bids get you a fully authenticated purchase so you know you're always getting the real deal and that's just the tip of the iceberg. 

If you're not familiar with how StockX works, let's talk about the basics. To start, all you do is submit a bid for say, a pair of Off-White Jordan 1s and once a bid price meets an asking price, a transaction is automatically made and you've very easily scored yourself a highly-coveted of sneakers. 

So what about authenticity? The team at StockX are enthusiasts themselves and want to eliminate the stress of seeking out a trustworthy seller. To that end, authenticity is a core value of every category we cover. The company takes the authentication process seriously, employing master watchmakers to open and examine every timepiece, along with sneaker, streetwear, and handbag specialists to ensure every item we receive is the real deal.

Now, where it gets really interesting is the whole stock market aspect of it all. Not only can you track the price fluctuations of an individual item, but you can also set up a portfolio to track your own collection's market value in real time. It truly is an open marketplace like no other, a 'Stock Market of Things' indeed. 

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