The VSSL Mini hides life-saving essentials in a beautifully crafted aluminum capsule

Exactly what you need when the $%^# hits the fan.
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Photo: VSSL

Photo: VSSL

VSSL is putting a stylish spin on survival caches with its indestructible aluminum designs. Soon they'll be launching their Mini Cache, a more portable version of their previous models. The Mini houses a built-in LED lamp with two static modes, an SOS mode, and a carabiner end cap with integrated compass. 

The capsule unscrews to reveal a compartment that can fill a number of items including a selection of perfectly-sized items from VSSL that include everything from first aid kits to candles and fire starters. It's just the thing you'll want to keep in your pack or glove compartment when you hit the trail or the open road. 


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