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Velochef puts together some serious meals for the serious cyclist

A collection of pre, during, and post-ride recipes.
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Photo: Rapha 

Photo: Rapha 

200 pages filled with recipes to keep you eating healthy and feeling best on and off the bike. 

"Velochef is a brand new cookbook devised by Henrik Orre, chef to Team Sky, which presents 80 easy-to-make recipes for before, during and after your cycling adventures or races. Fuel for the ride, which is both healthy and delicious.

Former Head Chef at renowned Stockholm restaurants Mathias Dalgren and Matbaren, Orre now devotes his culinary expertise to his other great passion in life: cycling. Velochef is the culmination of several years cooking for the world’s best cyclists and is filled with tried-and-tested food optimal for performance and recovery."

$55, available now at

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