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VanMoof's Electrified S hides an electric bike in a sleek frame

You'd never guess that this hid an electric bike system.
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Photo: VanMoof

Photo: VanMoof

VanMoof's new Electrified S might be the most impressive integration of an electric bike system we've seen lately. The sleek frame hides a 250W front hub motor that has enough juice for 75 miles of range when traveling at 10 mph while a maximum speed of 20 mph is possible with a lowered, but still impressive 31 mile range. 

It also features front and rear lighting and an integrated security system that works via Bluetooth. The bike connects to your smartphone and easily unlocks once you place your hand on the bike. In the event of a theft, a GSM connection can be activated to give you the bike's location. 

$1,998 (pre-order price, $2,998 retail),

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