Photo: Seifer

Photo: Seifer

Small, medium, and Large has long been the standard for apparel sizing and though it works to a certain degree, it doesn't exactly work that well. Seifer wants to change that with well-fitting activewear that torpedoes the S/M/L standard and instead sizes their garments by your height and build. 

Their first product is a carefully designed workout tee with a fit that is slim, but not so slim to the point where it's constricting and limiting your freedom of motion. You'll find a scalloped hemline, raglan shoulders for improved flexibility, athletic cut sleeves, and flatlock seam construction. The fabric of the shirt is a recycled polyester and Tencel blend that is both environmentally conscious and naturally anti-microbial. The shirts are Made in the USA and is currently available for funding on Indiegogo. 

From $27,

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