Prometheus Design Werx's Odyssey Pant is the perfect companion for outdoor adventures or tactical missions

To describe these as over-engineered would be a major understatement.
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Prometheus Design Werx Odyssey Cargo Pant 5050RS

If you're a stickler for construction and functionality, Prometheus Design Werx might just become your favorite new company. They've put a lot of work into their new Odyssey Cargo Pant and if you plan on getting your hands dirty in the great outdoors or you happen to get your frequent flyer miles in a C-130 then these are definitely the pants for you. 

The Odysseys have an exhaustive list of features that include bar-tack reinforcements, accessory welt pockets, mil-spec ripstop nylon construction, climber-type diamond gusseting, double reinforced knees, tool slots, double heel cuff reinforcements, and that's all just the tip of the iceberg. 


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