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Pirelli releases its first bicycle tire

The performance brand joins the cycling world.
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Pirelli PZERO Smart Bicycle Tires

Pirelli knows a thing or two about putting rubber on cars so it shouldn't be too difficult for them to make some of the best bicycle tires in the world. That's the aim for a line of tires that have been in development for two years and a new patent that is aimed specifically at cycling, which covers something they're calling SmartNet Silica, a "high-tech molecule" created in their chemistry labs. 

Using the same team that created the compounds used in the F1 PZero tires, Pirelli created a tire that has a compound that has more than seventeen elements and boasts high directional performance, less heat production, and it is optimized for use in water. 

The PZero Velo tire will come in three models: the standard Velo, which is a lightweight tire built for road racing. The Velo TT, a fast and lightweight tire and the Velo 4S which is designed for autumn and winter use with a higher puncture resistance and grippier performance in harsh weather conditions.

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