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Prometheus Design Werx BoB Tool

Bet your bottle opener can't do this...
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Photo: PDW 

Photo: PDW 

After bringing us their Dog Tag Tool, San Francisco-based Prometheus Design Werx expands its OPT (One Piece Tool) line with their new BoB Tool. Designed from the ground up for Emergency Service Professionals, this is one multi-tool that not only is capable of providing an ultra-compact hex-bit tool or wrench, but more importantly offers some life-saving tools. 

Made from titanium, the BoB (Break or Beer) tool can quickly open and close oxygen tank valves and has a Tungsten Carbide Ball that can break automotive glass in the event of a rescue. You've also got a Blind Pocket ¼” driver, Bottle Opener, and Lashing Holes.

$89, available soon at Prometheus Design Werx

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