Orbita Goldlight Flashlights



For the everyday carry guy who wants to add the Midas touch to his all-black-everything kit, Orbita's Goldlight Flashlights aren't just beautifully wrapped in luxurious materials, these are precision made tools with incredibly high-powered lamps. The flashlights are made with 24kt gold-plated caps with a exotic wood, carbon fiber, or ivory barrel which houses an LED Lamp engineered by CREE, Inc that's rated for 100,000 hours of use. As for lumen power, the flashlight has five beam settings: High Beam(100 Lumens), Medium Beam(500 Lumens), Low Beam(150 Lumens), Defense Strobe(1000 Lumens) and S.O.S. Signal(1000 Lumens). $335, Wingtip

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