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Mil-Spec | Oakley's Shocktube is tank-like protection for your eyes

When your eyewear needs demand a bit more than the usual wraparound.
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Photo: Oakley

Photo: Oakley

We've seen tons of incredible gear used in the military and we wanted to highlight the latest tech and gear from those fields. We'll be posting these finds under our new Mil-Spec label. First up, Oakley's new Shocktube:

If your office job involves jumping out of helicopters or leading covert missions then you probably want to add Oakley's new Shocktube to your EDC. A new release from their Standard Issue collection, Shocktube is a new heavy duty frame that meets optical and ballistic performance guidelines from the military in a design that is essentially an M1A1 tank for your eyes. The frame architecture features an upper and lower "jaw" to give it the most impact protection possible while a hex screw secures the lenses in place and can also be removed for lens swaps.

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