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Oakley puts a personal coach inside your sunglasses with the Radar Pace

Oakley introduces smart eyewear for the fitness junky.
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Photo: Intel/Oakley

Photo: Intel/Oakley

Wearables isn't a new concept to the folks at Oakley, the company has been creating electronically-enabled eyewear since 2004 and recently took a break from the category until now. The sports eyewear company is previewing their next generation of electronic eyewear with the Oakley Radar Pace, smart eyewear with a fitness focus that integrates a real-time coaching system into one of their popular shield-style sunglass designs. 

The frame is designed for beginners and advanced athletes alike and giving you real-time performance statistics and feedback. Pricing and other details are still under wraps as Oakley plans to launch the device later this year. 


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