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Oakley unveils its Next-Gen Sport Frame: The Jawbreaker

If you could put a Lamborghini Aventador on your face, this would be it.
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Photos: Oakley

Photos: Oakley

Oakley is about to make your bike rides feel like you're suiting up for an intergalactic space battle with their new, hyper-futuristic Jawbreaker sunglasses. The new sport performance frame echoes their shield-style frames of the past and brings it into 2015 (or 2025) with an aggressive new design with enhanced peripheral vision to give you the best view possible. 


It also hides a few impressive tricks up its sleeves. Raise the nosepiece and the frame opens up for quick and easy lens swaps and you can even adjust the earstem length with three available positions. The frames are available in a variety of color combos and of course, an endless array of lens options that include polarization and their new Prizm lens technology that tweaks the color contrast to enhance detials and give you better visibility.


$200-$260, available now at

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