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Oakley's Fall Line Prizm React goggle delivers the perfect lens tint at the push of a button

You'll never need a spare lens again.
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Oakley Prizm React

It's the dream goggle for any skier or snowboarder, a goggle with an adjustable lens tint that you can change at the press of a button. Oakley has done exactly that with a new goggle that will surely be on top of many skier and snowboarders' wishlists this season. The Fall Line Prizm React features an adjustable electrochromic lens system that gives you three different tints: Prizm Rose for low light scenarios, Prizm Torch for overcast, and Prizm Black for the brightest of conditions. There's also no unsightly battery packing hanging off the side, everything is integrated into the frame and the battery life is rated for up to a week of use on a single charge.


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