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Nike+ Fuelband

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Nike is taking their Nike+ program to another level with their answer to the Jawbone UP and Fitbits of the world with their Fuelband. Fuelband ($150) is a fitness tracking bracelet with a built-in accelerometer that measures many types of activity whether its sport-based or a walk through the city. Good for four days of activity, the band displays time, calories burned, steps, and has a built-in USB plug and Bluetooth for displaying your stats on any iOS 4 or iOS 5 device (other devices coming soon). Activity is measured in "Fuel" which you set based on your activity and once you start progress is displayed via a series of 20 colored LED lights that starts in the red and shows your progress as the lighting eventually reaches the green which is your goal. Pre-orders are available today at 2PM Pacific time at Nike's online store. Link

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