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A BMW-powered mountainbike, the HNF Heisenberg XF1

A high-tech mountainbike built with the help of BMW i.
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Photo: HF Heisenberg

Photo: HF Heisenberg

BMW's i division isn't just building high-tech cars of tomorrow, it also happens to be an incubator filled with projects that also bring advancements to transportation on two wheels. One of those innovations is their drive unit swing arm that is debuting in an all-new bike, the HNF Heisenberg XF1. 

BMW's swing arm lets the drive unit, which traditionally is mounted to the main frame, float freely allowing the bike to get rid of the chain tensioner improving acceleration and handling. 

Specifically the 4-joint drive unit will feature mid-motor and even axle load distribution, a no maintenance belt drive, stiffer frame, non-existent pedal recoil, and a grippy ride and enhanced traction.

More info at HNF Heisenberg

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