Casio launches a G-Shock with a heart rate monitor and GPS

The new GBD-H1000 is built for fitness.
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Casio G-Shock GBD H1000

Casio is launching a new G-Shock model that is ready to take on the likes of the Apple Watch and the Fitbit. The new GBD-H1000 features a optical sensor for measuring your heart rate and all the features you would expect in a G-Shock. Battery life is rated at about 14 hours with GPS functionality activated and it can stay powered for up to a year in its time-only mode witth step count measurement and notifications. It also includes training functions and analysis date that measures distance and speed, VO2max and recovery time information, and training log data. It also features a triple sensor that measures altitude/barometric pressure, compass bearing, and temperature, an acceleration sensor, Bluetooth connectivity, a world timer, solar charging, and USB charging. 

The watch will be available in Japan this April.

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