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Faraday launches the Porteur Electric Bike

Not your average electric bicycle.
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Photo: Faraday

Photo: Faraday

There's been a trend in technology lately on how to take traditional things and keep them the way we love them without sacrificing style and performance. Just look at the Tesla Model S or the Apple Watch. Faraday is a new company doing just that, but with electric bikes. Look at their newly launched Porteur and you'll see that the design is more akin to that of a classic European cruiser than something you would find in the Jetsons.

Most won't even know that the Faraday is electric at all and that's what you want, technology that you don't really have to think about. The bike features a frictionless 250W motor and a 240Wh battery that'll give you around 20 miles of pedal-assist riding. It also features an optional front rack, a Gates belt drive, and a Shimano 8-speed hub. The bike weighs 35lbs and comes in three sizes and is available today. 

$3500, more info at

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