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Photos: Icon

Photos: Icon

You might have never guessed that flying your own personal aircraft would be the next great powersport, but if Icon CEO & Founder Kirk Hawkins has his way, people across the globe will be taking off and landing with ease in their $207,000+ A5 sport planes. We recently had some seat time in the A5 and long story short: Mr. Hawkins is definitely onto something here. 

If you've ever had any seat time in a small aircraft or any cockpit for that matter, you know exactly how intimidating all those knobs, buttons, and gauges might seem. Now imagine taking that cockpit and switching it out with any modern car interior and you can already imagine how much less intimidating the A5 feels...and we haven't even taken off yet. 

Its amphibious design allows the A5 to cruise around the water much like a speedboat and once you pick up some speed you're ready to take off and get into the air. Once you're in the air it's as if you're in a sports car, only difference being that you're on the best race track in the world: the sky. 

Safety was a huge focus in building the A5 and that is immediately evident with a key feature called Angle of Attack. The gauge gives you a simple and intuitive indicator of the orientation of the wing to the relative wind. Following this indicator allows for pilots to fly safely without the stalling the wing and it also helps you with smoother landings.

It also has a spin-resistant frame that keeps you in control in the event of a stall, keeps the nose steady, and has a slower descent rate. So what does it take to fly one yourself? The Icon A5 is part of a new category of aircraft called Light Sport Aircraft and that also requires a new license called the Sport Pilot License. 

That Sport Pilot License requires 20 hours of total training and Icon has created its own curriculum where you'll learn to fly with the best. And by the best, we're talking former fighter jet pilots. Pricing will cost $9,500 for new pilots who will train in a 14-16 day program and existing pilots will pay $1,250-$2,500 for a 1-5 day program. Now excuse us while we shake the couch for that $207,000.

From $207,000,

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