Analog Motion shows us that electric bikes don't have to weigh a million pounds

The new AM1 helps solve a big e-bike issue: weight.
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Analog Motion AM1

There are plenty of amazing, high-tech e-bike options on the market, but most of them are forgetting one thing: being a bicycle. What we mean by that is that the market is filled with tech-heavy options and physically heavy options due to all the technology. 

What Analog Motion offers is a nice balance of both. Their AM1 is everything you would want in a modern bicycle. At 30 lbs, it's just slightly heavier than a standard bicycle while delivering the convenience of pedal assist and you can always turn it off when you don't need it. 

The bike comes in a fixed gear-style model or a more laid-back open frame design. Both are also available in a + model that is 30% more powerful than the standard AM1. Both bikes will achieve about 20 miles of range under normal usage and the removable batteries take about three hours to charge to full capacity. 

The AM1 has already surpassed its goal on Kickstarter and is set for delivery this November.

From $665,

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