Moto di Ferro throws some Italian muscle onto Yamaha's new Yard Built XV950

Power and poise.
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Photo: Yamaha

Photo: Yamaha

Italian bike builder Marco Lugato brought Yamaha's XV950 into his Moto di Ferro workshop to create a beastly tracker for their Yard Built series. Called the "Speed Iron", Lugato focused on simplicity and performance and the end result is a seamless mix of soft lines and brutish muscle. 

The bike is equipped with thick tires that are equipped with Borrani rims with the front suspension undergoing an upgrade to VMAX forks. You'll also find a handmade aluminum tank that helps keep the weight down, aluminum side panel detailing, 320mm front brake discs, and a handmade rear frame. Lugato aims to make various parts from the build available to consumers in the near future and of course, you can send in your own bike for a proper build.

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