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Triumph Project TE-1 Electric Motorcycle

Triumph is making some big moves in the electric motorcycle space and they've enlisted the help of Williams Advanced Engineering to get their electric powertrain absolutely perfect. Called Project TE-1, the company is deep into the development of their electric powertrain program and they have also offered a look at what the final bike could look like. Designed to deliver consistent power and faster charging, the battery system features a peak power of 170kW and a continuous power of 90kW with a capacity of 15kWh. This allows for the bike to produce a peak power of 130kW and 80kW of continuous power while using a 360-volt system that can charge to 80% capacity in a little under 20 minutes. 

The two-year project is now in the third phase of its four-phase program and a release for a production motorcycle has not yet been announced.

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