Federal Moto's latest bike is a minty masterpiece - Acquire
Federal Motor 009

Mint and peach isn't a color combo that you typically imagine on a motorcycle, but leave it to Federal Moto to make you drool over a bike with those very colors. The Two Scoops bike is based on a 1983 Honda CX650 Custom that has been thoroughly rebuilt to meet Federal Moto standards. This involved a full rebuild with new gaskets, new piston rings, and an upgraded cam chain, tensioner, and guide blades. 

It also features components from a Suzuki GSX-R600, a Honda Shadow rear hub, and 17” Sun aluminum rims with stainless steel spokes. Other details include a new subframe and a discreet electronics tray, new aluminum bodywork by Craig Rodsmith, Biltwell grips and footpegs, and a full rewiring with Motogadget hardware, and a Koso digital speedometer. 


Source: Bike Exif

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