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Cake reveals its all-electric dirt bike

The first limited edition bikes will be delivered this summer.
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Cake Kalk

After helping to make POC a major player in cycling and snow sports protection, founder Stefan Ytterborn has moved on to spearhead another big project: Cake. No, not the spongey, sugary dessert, Ytterborn is launching an electric motorcycle company and their first bike, the Kalk, will be available this summer. 

The lightweight bike weighs just 155 lbs and is powered by a 15 kW mid motor and a 1.8 Volt, 50Ah battery that helps it achieve a top speed of 50 mph and can travel for up to 50 miles on a single charge. Much of the bike's components were all created specifically for this design including everything from the suspension to the axles and the geometry of the bike. 

50 units are now up for pre-order with deliveries set for this summer and a full production run will begin later in the year. 


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