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BMW's other hommage concept honors a two-wheeled, 1935 classic

BMW Motorrad celebrates the R 5.
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Photo: BMW

Photo: BMW

The BMW R 5 Hommage takes the original 500cc design from the '30s and brings it into modern times with a beautful update that could have easily existed in the era. Melding vintage and custom bike building, the bike is built around an original 500cc two-cylinder engine. The two-cylinder was sourced from enthusiast Sebastian Gutsch, who's engine was damaged in a motorcycle race. 

Built from the ground up by the Ronny and Benny Noren, the bike builders hand crafted everything you see outside of the engine. From the frame to the fuel tank to the rear fender and more. It also gets a supercharger and updated exhaust pipes and suspension for a better ride and bigger performance.

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