Vintage Electric's powerful new bike has 75 miles of range and a top speed of 36 mph - Acquire
Vintage Electric Roadster

What you're looking at is obviously not your average e-bike. The 2020 Vintage Electric Roadster blends the styling of cafe racer motorcycles with vintage sports cars to create an instant classic. At heart of the Roadster is a cast-aluminum-housed 1,123-watt battery that allows for a range of up to 75 miles and can be fully charged in 4½ hours. It's also quite fast. When equipped with the optional "race mode" feature, the bike can reach a top speed of up to 36 mph. The bike also features a hydroformed aluminum frame, an MRP inverted fork system, saddle leather seating and leather handlebars, LED headlamps, and rear regenerative disc brakes.


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