2015 Rewind | Vozz Helmets just made putting on your motorcycle helmet incredibly easy

Quite possibly one of the biggest innovations to happen to motorcycle helmets.
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Photo: Vozz Helmets

A little Australian startup is changing the way you use motorcycle helmets and it just might be the one of the biggest innovations to come to helmets in recent times.

Some clever designers in Australia are planning to change the way motorcycle helmets work and once you've seen just how easy it is to put Vozz's innovative new helmet on you'll probably be scrambling for your wallet to get one of your very own. Instead of the usual pull on/pull off, their Vozz RS 1.0 is hinged so you simply open the helmet like a clam, place your head in, and snap in. This allows you to keep your gloves and glasses on and lets Vozz eliminate the chin strap to give you a closer, more protective fit. 

Vozz Helmets

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