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Where Chefs Eat

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In a world full of angry Yelp reviewers and social media savvy foodies, its about time that we get a compendium of eatery knowledge from the people who know it best, Chefs. Over 400 of the world's best chefs have compiled over 2,300 recommendations from spots around the world in a new must have book ($20 - January '13) for food-lovers of every sort with Phaidon's Where Chefs Eat:

"Forget the restaurant guides chosen by a panel of mysterious 'experts' or self-appointed food-lovers. This is a guide by the real experts, the people who care about eating the most: more than 400 of the world's best chefs.

Recommending a minimum of three restaurants each, today's hottest food talent reveal their favourite breakfast places; where they like to eat late at night; which restaurant they wish they’d opened and more. Whether it's their favourite sushi bar when traveling or where they eat locally on a rare night off all 2300 chef recommendations will be based on the food alone. With entertaining reviews, stunning maps for reference and an easy-to-use geographical system of organisation, Where Chefs Eat will appeal to all chef-conscious restaurant goers and food lovers worldwide."


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