Vitra releases a chrome version of the iconic Panton chair

And a glow-in-the dark model is coming too.
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Vitra Panton Chair Chrome

In the early 1970s, Vernor Panton explored the idea of giving his iconic namesake chair a mirrored finish, but he eventually decided against the idea as the surface would be prone to scratching. Today, Vitra fulfills that dream by using a procedure that requires careful hand craftsmanship involving a metallization process that embeds metal particles into layers of varnish. This process results in a durable coating that can withstand movement when the chair is being used and is better protected against scratches. 

Vitra will also be releasing the Panton Glow, a collaboration with Verner's wife, Marianne Panton. The chair undergoes a process that uses five layers of varnish that contains phosphorescent pigments and is then sealed onto the polyurethane shell with a high-gloss, protective coating. 

The Panton Chrome will be available this March and the Panton Glow will follow in June.

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