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Jasper Morrison reveals his EVO-C chair for Vitra

A modern reinterpretation of the cantilever chair in recycled polypropylene.
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Vitra Cantilever Chair by Jasper Morrison

The design of the cantilever chair has existed for almost a century, immediately recognizable for its floating seating position that is supported by its L-shaped "legs." Designer Jasper Morrison updates that form with his latest chair design for Vitra, the EVO-C. The EVO-C rethinks and modernizes the form in plastic, using gas injection moulding technology that can replicate the strength and rigidity of cantilevered tubular steel in 100% recyclable dyed-through, matte finish polypropylene. The construction allows for a seamless design from a single material while still offering the springy-ness of tubular steel and ergonomic comfort.

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