Smartphone, Smartwatch, and now a Smartcup? Before you go brushing off what sounds like a ridiculous idea, think about all the water you don't drink and think about all the caffeinated beverages you do drink. Vessyl watches that and more.

The high-tech mug can automatically detect what you're drinking and a slick display on the outside of the cup tells you things like how much caffeine you've consumed and how many calories are in that specific drink in real time. This introduces a variety of benefits, from tracking hydration to allowing you to keep your caffeine and sugary consumption in check. It also syncs with an app that shows your consumption throughout the day and can operate for 5-7 days from just one charge. The cup features a spill-proof lid, a wireless charging base, and a design by none other than Yves Behar. Hit the continue link below to see the Vessyl in action.

$199 ($99 if you pre-order), Vessyl

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