Toyota Concepts @ SEMA



Toyota was nice enough to give us special coverage of some of their concepts on the show floor. The two concepts we're going to show you are the ones that really caught our eye at the show, The Matrix x Fender 6-String and the Toyota Tundra Ducati Desmodici Transporter. Check out our coverage after the jump.

2009 Tundra Ducati Desmosedici Transporter


If you're a hardcore Ducatista we're pretty sure that you're foaming at the mouth at this very moment. The Tundra Ducati Desmosedici transporter is swathed in Ducati Red paint and features a modified bed with motorized loading ramp to help store and transport a Ducati Desmodici Superbike. The truck also comes complete with a set of tools, spares, and even solar panels for charging accessories. Ducatistas, I think its time you guys write Toyota because I'm sure they can sell more than a handful of these things.


Toyota Matrix x Fender 6-String


We were pretty impressed by the Ducati Truck, but it doesn't hold a candle to Fender and Toyota's collaboration on their custom 6-String Matrix. The car is a complete customized 09' Matrix with custom interior work from Austin Speed Shop's Fat Luck, Auto Custom Carpets, and Garrett Leather. The killer feature in the car is the Fender setup which features a Fender G-DEC guitar amplifier matched with a custom Fender Strat. And the big Panasonic flat panel with the PlayStation 3 Rock Band setup is not too shabby either. Oh, and believe it or not this Toyota Matrix is a full-on babe magnet as proven here by Fender's Mike Eldred.

*Big Thanks goes out to Charley Fitzwilliam and Chad Harp and the rest of the guys at Leader and Toyota for setting this all up for us.

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