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Three apps that take food delivery to the next level

Time to break up with the local pizza guy.
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Photo: Caviar

Photo: Caviar

As much as we love ordering obscene amounts of pizza from our favorite chains, it's time you pick up your smartphone and upgrade your food delivery choices. Some of the best restaurants in your local cities are now opening their doors to a new wave of apps that'll have you enjoying some of your favorite local spots in the comfort of your own home. Be warned, you might never ever want to leave home again. 


Photo: Caviar

Photo: Caviar

Our goto of the bunch is Caviar, their app serves up images for virtually every item on the menu and they've got partnerships with restaurants who don't typically deliver. Got a burger craving? Skip the drive-thru and order a burger from Umami Burger (don't forget the cheesy tots) or stay in with your special someone and order a gourmet dinner from some of the finest dining establishments in town. 

Photo: Uber

Photo: Uber

Food delivery with the convenience of Uber? That's exactly what you're getting with Uber Eats. The app aims to get food delivered to you faster than its competitors and with its massive network of drivers, the world's largest ride-hailing service may just become the world's largest food delivery service.

Photo: Seamless

Photo: Seamless

While Seamless doesn't quite have the polish of the previous two, what it lacks in a shiny UI, it definitely makes up for in options and availability. The company offers its services in over 450 cities across the nation and a staggering amount of menu choices.

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