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The New Traditional dives into the lives of individuals keeping old traditions alive

Because sometimes the old way is the best way.
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The New Traditional

There's something to the way things have always been done. Whether it's a specialized craft that's been passed down through generations or a cultural ritual, tradition has long been ingrained into our DNA. Gestalten's The New Traditional takes a look at the individuals keeping these traditions alive and in some cases reinventing them for a new world.  

"A new generation wants to lead a more meaningful and sustainable life by reconnecting with heritage and traditions. As a way of inspiration, The New Traditional looks to the craftsmanship, lifestyle, and unique experiences of the people keeping these practices alive. From blacksmithing, weaving, sake making, tending sheep, or simply having a sauna, the book tells the stories of those devoting their energy, skills, and creativity to such activities. Immerse yourself in the traditions that have defined our cultures, and that reveal our connection to what makes us human."


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