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The Art of Flying

A rare look into the world of private air travel.
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Photo: Assouline

Photo: Assouline

Assouline goes beyond the first class seats and documents the history of private air travel: 

"Beginning with the era of the glamorous jet set and the introduction of the Learjet 23 in 1964, private air travel is the ultimate indulgence, the province of personalities from Jackie O to Angelina Jolie. In a relative instant, a private jet can whisk you from New York to Paris or Dubai, not to mention to a host of remote islands and exclusive destinations only accessible via small airplane. From technological aircraft innovations to the poshest amenities and services, today’s private jets leave no detail unaddressed. With bespoke interiors by top decorators and uniforms by leading fashion designers, these planes are the new symbol of absolute modern luxury. Flying Chic: The Golden Decades of Private Air Travel opens a window to this exclusive domain with a history of private air travel from its origins to date."

$175, Assouline

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