Tamdhu celebrates 120 years with its oldest bottling

The recently resurrected distillery releases a 50 year old single malt.
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Tamdhu 50

Revived in 2013, the Tamdhu distillery is celebrating its 120th anniversary with one incredibly special bottle of scotch, a 50 year old that will be limited to just 100 bottles. Aged in European oak sherry butt casks, the mahogany-colored whisky is described to have a nose forest fruits, oak, and orange, a palate of cloves, licorice, espresso, and baked apples, and a ginger, cocoa, walnut, and maple syrup finish. The whisky is bottle in an English crystal decanter crafted by Royal Brierly from a design by Katy Holford and is finished with a sterling silver collar by Hamilton and Inches.

$20,000 (est.), tamdhu50.com

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