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Suntory announce the release of its 2017 Yamazaki Mizunara Cask Edition

Available this October.
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There is an incredible amount of care that's put into developing The Yamazaki Mizunara Cask Edition. The casks are made from a rare tree that has a hard, permeable structure that is ideal for aging whisky. Only trees that have grown perfectly straight are used and the tree has to have a diameter of at least 27.5 inches. 

The 2017 edition has been aged for 18 years and it's said that long maturation periods are necessary to draw out the sandalwood and aloe wood flavors that are specific to Mizunara-aged whiskies. 

The nose is described as "rich and elegant fragrance, aloe wood, cinnamon with a palate of "condensed sweetness, silky texture, dry fruits, coconut, and orange marmalade" and a finish with "distinctive spiciness that lingers with Japanese incense, aloe wood, cinnamon and tartness."


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