Stuff by Fred is a sunscreen you can feel good about

Listen to mom and bring your sunscreen.
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Photo: Stuff by Fred

Photo: Stuff by Fred

Ending you beach day looking like a cooked crustacean isn't the best way to end a relaxing day under the sun. Thankfully you've got a ton of options to protect your skin from UV rays and one of the latest and greatest comes from a new Australian brand called Stuff by Fred. 

The brand's aim is to create "friendly suncare" with a list of ingredients that don't require a panicked Google search on whether or not that seemingly unending list of mystery ingredients are actually harmful to your health. So what's in it? A mix of beeswax, cacao, coconut oil, iron oxide, and zinc. All the essentials to deliver a sun-fighting mix of protection. Don't start your summer without it. 

$20 AUD ($15 USD),

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