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Stephen Kenn teams up with Victorinox on a line of multi-functional furniture

The designer's pieces are inspired by the company's Swiss Army Knife.
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Photo: Stephen Kenn

Photo: Stephen Kenn

Finding inspiration in the Swiss Army Knife, Stephen Kenn's furniture for Victorinox takes three home essentials and enhances them with multi-functional features. The three pieces include a desk, chair, and storage column. The chair hides a stepladder that reveals itself when pivoted forward while the desk has a surface that lifts up to turn into a drafting surface while a compartment below also acts as a storage area. 

You can even pull the legs out of the slots and reverse them to lower the desk and turn it into a coffee table. The storage column features a three-tier design that can act as a shelf and each tier can rotate to your preferred position and if they're all lined up on the mirror side, you create a full-length body mirror.

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