Sponsor | ACQUIRE & The 2011 Ford Edge: Road Essentials

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A few items we've made sure to keep in our gear bag while in the Ford Edge have served us pretty well on the road. Road trips can be a bit of a nightmare when you're riding shotgun and the driver's playlist is of questionable taste. This is where Urbanears Medis headphones come into play with its unique "Earclick" feature that keeps them firmly secured in your ear. As for staying connected on the road we've been using Virgin Mobile's MiFi Card which makes getting on the web cheap ($10 for 100MB) and easy without having to hunt down a WiFi signal. Last but not least, Bushnell's Backtrack has kept us from getting lost on long hikes with its simple to use GPS that gets us back to where we need to be. For more on the Ford Edge and the latest trend reports, visit FordOnestoWatch.com.

Ford has provided me this 2011 Edge, gas and insurance to use as my primary vehicle for three months. In exchange, I will post videos, photos, and blogs that document my use of this vehicle in my everyday life. http://cmp.ly/6/uep9w6

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