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Sponsor | ACQUIRE & The 2011 Ford Edge: Bluetooth

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One of the most convenient (and fun) features that I've made the most out of with my time in the 2011 Ford Edge is its impressive Bluetooth implementation. Ford's Sync system lets you not only take and receive calls via Bluetooth, but also lets you wirelessly stream your music. What's really impressive is how seamless it all is, one day I was walking back to the car while on a call and once inside the phone automatically connected to Sync and placed the call over the Edge's speakerphone. If that's not convenient, I don't know what is. For more on the Ford Edge and the latest trend reports, visit

Ford has provided me this 2011 Edge, gas and insurance to use as my primary vehicle for three months. In exchange, I will post videos, photos, and blogs that document my use of this vehicle in my everyday life.

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